Aesthetiverse® partners with Amanda Caroline, Luxury British Skincare Brand

Here at Aesthetiverse® our goal is to collaborate with and bring the very best products and services in the aesthetics, beauty, cosmetic, health & Wellbeing space. We have researched the skincare brands and are delighted to announce a partnership with Amanda Caroline Skincare. 

 You can now buy the skincare products from our Aesthetiverse® shop by clicking the link below. You can also find the UNIQUE Amanda Caroline Treatments EXCLUSIVELY at only four clinics in the world - each treatment is a signature of the Amanda Caroline Luxury Skincare ethos. By working with world renowned clinics these exclusive treatments are a testament to the commitment of Amanda Caroline Skincare to offer created and offer these treatments in Charlottesville, London and Monte Carlo.

Aesthetiverse® partners offer the something different, something exclusive and we will be following the progress, updating our clinic directory with the list of clinics offering these EXCLUSIVE Amanda Caroline Skincare.

Treatments such as the YFACE at Aesthetics Lab London (Aesthetics lab – multi-award-winning cosmetic clinics nestled in London’s trendy Primrose Hill & Belgravia whose 5-Star Medispas bring the latest treatments, carried out by the most experienced aesthetic practitioners in the industry in a serene environment: and who are committed to customer satisfaction)

The Amanda Caroline ZENLIFT treatment at Geneviv Clinic Soho London (Geneviv Clinic is an award-winning doctors-led clinic - Leaders of Innovation & Biohacking- combining treatments, injectables, energy-based devices and sustainable facials).

The YFACE Amanda Caroline Treatment at GLAM monte Carlo and the Amanda Caroline YFACE treatment at Koniver Wellness Charlottesville USA (Koniver Wellness Keli Koniver, Ph.D., holds a Doctorate in Health Administration and is trained and certified to offer a wide array of medical aesthetic treatments. She is the most experienced Ultherapy provider in South Carolina and widely sought-out for her minimally and non-invasive treatment options.)

The YFACE by Amanda Caroline Skincare comprises a deeply relaxing, results driven, lymphatic draining, de-puffing facial. Using ancient Gua Sha and Eastern European face massage to sculpt, lift, tighten and brighten. Leaving the skin with a plumped, hydrated, rejuvenated glow.

Using Amanda Caroline products, powered by our Haute Lift ™ complex - Includes an Enzyme Peel, arm and hand massage, Rose Face Mask, LED light and add-ons radio frequency or HydraFacial.

Below is a short bio of this eponymous brand and founder: how it started - why it started, the problems it addresses and the rest is history as they say.

Scouted in her teens, Amanda Carolines’ modelling career took her around the globe where she spent years immersed in the worlds of fashion and beauty. After being relentlessly scrutinised for how she looked, Amanda’s focus shifted when she was diagnosed with skin cancer in her early thirties. “It was actually my eureka moment: I began to think more about my skin, understanding about reducing my sun exposure, boosting hydration, working to improve its texture and learning how our skin can affect our whole system. I also became fascinated with the ageing process”.

Now entering her fifties and beginning an exciting post-divorce chapter of her life, her unstoppable energy and drive have been focused on creating a luxury skincare line. Passionate about products and treatments, when she struggled to find a cream that truly met her skin’s needs, Amanda’s approach of never accepting second best led her to collaborate with an award-winning biochemist to create her own actives-infused formulations. “From the very beginning of the research and development phase, I focused on hydration. The rich creams I had been using were too heavy for me, causing congestion and breakouts, which meant I stopped putting enough moisture into my skin. This kickstarted me to work on developing a cream that is rich but light, that rebalances the skin, contains incredible actives and boosts hydration for up to 72 hours.”

During a difficult time, after a painful separation took its toll, Amanda found comfort in the daily ritual of skincare. “I was fully focused on securing my future which was hugely stressful and very painful. I was lucky enough to meet aesthetician Pietro Simone, who took me under his wing, introducing me to an incredible array of face and body treatments. I felt so safe and reassured and saw such an improvement in my skin that I was inspired to learn more about aesthetic treatments and the science of the skin.”

After years living in the Mediterranean and the Swiss Mountains, pigmentation was beginning to be a concern and Amanda would find herself covering it with heavy make-up. “I was mixing with international women who had a more natural look, and I knew I wanted to get to a place where I was wearing make-up to emphasise my features, not hide my insecurities.”

The Amanda Caroline Skincare range is not just another “designer brand” it is a combination of the finest ingredients and includes Haute Lift™ Complex - which was formulated with seven powerful bioactives; including ROSALITY - an innovative skincare ingredient, addressing multiple signs of ageing and helping with the symptoms of stressed skin. Using plant stem cell technology – a process that offers a high concentration of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with the inclusion of botanical oils, it helps repair damaged skin, boost collagen, hydrate and helps to regenerate and smooth; each of the high-quality ingredient harnessed have been clinically proven and chosen for their transformative properties. Nano particles and lighter textures mean maximum results from powerful actives all of which demonstrate high efficacy and visible results.

In the Aethetiverse® shop we will stock all products in the range the ever popular almost cult Haute Rose Cream Clay Foaming Cleanser, Haute Lift Serum, Haute Lift Duo Serum and Cream, Haute Lift Facial Collection, Haute Lift Cream, Haute Collection and Beauty Velcro Head Band - finally the Rose Quartz Gun SHA.

Aesthetiverse® partners with exclusive luxury active brands such as Amanda Caroline Skincare because of their ethos and commitment to VEGAN, clean beauty. The products include ingredients such as:


Derived from Australian Wild Rosella and rich in hibiscus, Hydrosella Provides an immediate moisturizing effect for up to 72hr after a single application and provides a long-lasting effect and continuous skin improvement for maximum hydration.


A precious ingredient from Damask rose that helps to protect skin cells from stress-induced, overactivity and related damage and thus avoids skin cell exhaustion, a source of signs of fatigue. Reduces the visible signs of skin fatigue and evens skin tone and dark circles giving a smoother, glowing, more rested and refreshed look.


Flaxseed-derived polysaccharides deliver immediate and long-lasting skin moisturisation. With their "hyaluronic acid-like" properties, they have a plumping action and are also shown to limit collagen degradation, delivering firmer skin. Clinically proven to help naturally redesign the face contour without invasive surgery.

A truly multi-tasking superior hexapeptide that provides a muscle relaxing effect. It helps achieve younger looking skin with a decrease in skin roughness, fine lines and skin fatigue. Skin isotropy - the reduction of the depth of lines - is increased along with elasticity, firmness and radiance. It has a lifting effect and increases cheek volume.


Protecting against oxidate stress, recreating skin tension by restoring skin cell mitochondrial dynamism, and delivering V-shape lifting properties by tightening sagging neck skin, lifting the cheeks and smoothing out crow's feet wrinkles. It is the first naturally active ingredient to provide a visible lifting action.


These dehydrated spheres fill up with water from within the skin and swell causing a change in hydration volume which, through biotechnology, helps to immediately plump the skin and smooth out deep wrinkles.

This special extract of rosa centifolia leaf cells is produced by the highly sustainable plant cell technology and is a moisturizing, regenerating, restructuring and hydrating agent. It helps restores the skin barrier and provides skin suppleness, softness & protection against outside aggressions.

Cold-pressed rosehip oil has extremely high omega 3 and 6 levels, along with antioxidant tocopherols including vitamin E and vitamin A. Essential fatty acids help support the vital lipid barrier, restoring and maintaining the moisture balance in the skin.

Passionflower oil helps stimulate the key markers involved in skin repair and remodelling to promote and improve the healing process. Repairing, regenerating and soothing damaged and weakened skin.

Amanda Caroline Skincare Products are now available at the online Aesthetiverse® shop

* Formulated and made in the UK

* Use Plant Stem Cell Technology

* Repair & Regenerate

* Vegan & Cruelty Free. #prettysmart, #amandacarolineskincare #aesthetiverse

Clean. Cruelty Free. Vegan. Made in the UK.