Open the Door on Lumifil® Premium High Purity HA Dermal Filler Range

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Here we introduce dermal fillers brand Lumifil®️ - emerged in a crowded dermal filler market back in 2021 and soon made its mark - Lumifil® is now THE premium high-purity HA dermal filler brand that is taking the UK, Europe and rest of the world by storm: with its super value premium dermal filler.

In this Product Portfolio Series - we start with Lumifil and bring you the specifics of Lumifil®️’s three core products and will keep you updated on the launch of the new Lumifil® products that we have heard will reach the UK in Spring 2024.

Lumifil®️ LITE, Lumifil®️ KISS and Lumifil®️ MAX. Each product is created b designed and manufactured to cater to all the varying aesthetic needs, ensuring a unique and satisfying experience for every client.

Overview of Lumifil®️ Product Range

Lumifil®️ LITE

Lumifil®️ LITE is perfect for clients seeking a subtle, more natural-looking enhancement. It is perfect for smoothing out fine lines and providing a gentle lift, making it a popular choice for first-time users.

Lumifil®️ KISS

Lumifil®️ KISS, as the name suggests, is tailored for lip enhancements. It offers a balanced consistency that ensures luscious, well-defined lips without over-plumping, maintaining a natural yet enhanced appearance.

  • Lumifil®️ MAX

For those looking for more pronounced and contoured results, Lumifil®️ MAX is the go-to option. It is perfect for deeper wrinkles and significant volume restoration, offering dramatic yet elegant transformations.

The Significance of Zero BDDE in Lumifil®️ Products

BDDE (1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether) is commonly used in HA fillers as a cross-linking agent. However, Lumifil®️ sets itself apart from other dermal filler brands with its unique zero BDDE formulation. This innovation not only minimises potential allergic reactions but also ensures a purer, safer product. The absence of BDDE in Lumifil®️ products align with the growing demand for more natural, less chemically-altered treatments in cosmetic procedures.

Advantages for Training Academies

Training academies are constantly on the lookout for products that are not only safe but also provide ease of use for trainees. Lumifil®️, with its smooth consistency and predictable results, offers an ideal training tool. Trainees can learn the nuances of filler injections with a product that is forgiving yet effective, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.

Lumifil®️’s range of HA dermal fillers – Lumifil®️ LITE, Lumifil®️ KISS, and Lumifil®️ MAX – offer the highest-level quality and versatility. The zero BDDE formulation has set the bar very high and reflects the brand’s commitment to safety and innovation. Whether it’s for a training academy or a clinical practice, Lumifil®️ is the go-to quality, value and results-based choice for aesthetic enhancements including facial balancing, the increasingly popular liquid rhinoplasty, jawline masculinisation, jawline feminisation, temple treatments, cheekbone enhancement, lip enhancement or balancing, including Russian lips or more natural hydrated look.

Note: This Aesthetiverse® Shop Product Portfolio Series blog is solely intended for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you Always consult with an aesthetics professional for personalised advice and information about specific products, treatments and services.