Amanda Caroline

Exclusive Aesthetiverse® partner Amanda Caroline Skincare bringing you Vegan, curelty free ,results based Haute Skincare. A Capsule collection for of beautiful skincare products - with some of the world's finest ingredients - that really hydrate, smooth and are results driven. 

 You can also find the UNIQUE Amanda Caroline Treatments EXCLUSIVELY at only four clinics in the world - each treatment is a signature of the Amanda Caroline Luxury Skincare ethos. 

By working with world renowned clinics these exclusive treatments are a testament to the commitment of Amanda Caroline Skincare to offer created and offer these treatments in Charlottesville, London and Monte Carlo.

London Blood Tests

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We know that regular blood testing is an essential tool for monitoring and maintaining health. It allows for the early detection of changes or abnormalities in the body, which can be pivotal in diagnosing and managing various health conditions. 

With the convenience and support offered by services like, residents in London and throughout the UK have access to a streamlined and efficient way of conducting these vital health checks. London service provides a wide range of tests that can be easily booked online, catering to different health needs and concerns, from routine checks to more specific tests. The accessibility of such services makes it easier for individuals to stay on top of their health, without the hassle of long waiting times or complicated booking processes. 

London Blood Tests also has a comprehensive directory of medics to interpret your results.


Exclusive saving of 10% with Aesthetiverse® brand partners GLYCANAGE - to bring you an innovative test that assesses biological aging by analysing glycans which are complex sugars, crucial for various biological processes. 

This test measures glycan structures on antibodies to estimate an individual's biological age, which may differ from their chronological age. GlycanAge serves as a tool for health assessment and wellness guidance but is not a diagnostic tool for diseases. It's best used alongside other health assessments and professional healthcare advice.

The Angie Monroe Podcast

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Vive NAD

Exclusive saving of 20% with Aesthetiverse® brand partners VIVE NAD+ renowned for its unique health supplement designed to boost NAD+ levels in the body. 

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a vital coenzyme found in all living cells, playing a critical role in cellular metabolism and energy production. important to note that while the potential benefits of NAD+ supplementation are promising, more research is needed to fully understand its effects. As with any supplement, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before starting to use VIVE NAD+ which for at home use. Full instructions for subcutaneous treatment are included in each box.

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Boss Socials

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Sellsio and Aesthetics AI

Exclusive 10 day free trial from Aesthetiverse® brand partner AestheticsAI - the ONLY app to use a selfie - then SEE how you could look with a before and after for botox and a lip flip - coming soon dermal filler before and afters ! take a look - tryi it for yourself - consumers can upload a pic and see how they will look and clinics can use for consultaion.

Free sign up form for 10 day free trial of Aesthetics AI software.

Policy Bee

Aeshetiverse® brand partner Policy Bee - for all your beauty, cosmetic, Aesthetics, Health & Wellbeing business insurance - Get a treatment wrong and the damage to your business will be more than cosmetic. Our aesthetics insurance for medics and non-medics helps with claims of malpractice, negligence, and more. Talk to Policy Bee about how we can help ensure you have the right cover at the right price.

Dr. Frank's

Aesthetiverse® brand partner - Dr Frank’s unique Weight Loss and Management Programme Stands out due to it’s holistic andf comprehensive approach to weight management, integrating the latest scientific findings and connecting with a deep understanding of individual health profiles - with:

  • Personalised Nutrition Plans: Tailored to individual metabolic rates, dietary preferences, and nutritional needs, ensuring a balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

Behavioural Coaching: The focus is on on changing eating habits and lifestyle choices through cognitive-behavioural techniques, helping to sustain long-term weight management and incremental changes for life. 

Regular Health Assessments: Frequent monitoring of vital health parameters like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol level to track progress and adjust the program if and when needed.


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WORLD-ACCLAIMED, PHARMA GRADE CBD FAST & IMMEDIATE RESULTS - MADE IN SWITZERLAND The only facility to be GMP certified by Swiss Medic and NSF International - Headquartered in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by high alpine elements, SWISS1876 is new to the CBD and cosmeceuticals scene. 

Joyce Azria, daughter of the late fashion designer Max Azria, was recently appointed president and oversees the Switzerland lab where the sun’s healing rays and glacial waters nurture its own plants. Experience the best of its pure product lineup with the SWISSKISS Infuse kit, which includes patented CBD isolate oil drops, a multi-tasking serum, eye cream and lip balm.

Nuchido Time

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Skin Fiks

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SKINFiks is a renowned 100% natural, Organic, Made with PH neutral HOCl, VEGAN friendly & cruelty-free skincare product that should be the cornerstone of your skincare routine. SKINFiks is clinically tested and proven safe to use on all skin types. Is trusted by doctors, dermatologists & skin clinicians. 

SKINFiks utilises the same active ingredient our own white blood cells produce inside our bodies to fight infection, bacteria and invading harmful pathogens - Hypochlorous Acid. Replicate the power of our own internal immune system for use ON our bodies with this exceptional hydrating mist. No nasties, no chemicals just great skin health!


Exclusive saving of 20% with Aesthetiverse® brand partners NuMind renowned all-in-one wellness solution. Created with meticulous research, 

You'll find a robust multivitamin, essential minerals, adaptogenic herbs, soothing flower remedies, and much more, all synergistically working to restore your inner peace - Restore your calm with NuMind.


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Totally Derma

Exclusive Aesthetiverse® partner saving on Totally Derma® is a high strength, powdered Nutraceutical collagen drink supplement containing Arthred® patented bovine hydrolysed collagen amino acid peptides (that are tiny in molecular size for easy absorption into the bloodstream), therapeutic dose Synovoderma® Hyaluronic Acid*, high levels of key antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and minerals for collagen production and repair, to improve both the skin and the body’s internal health. To see the most significant results, Totally Derma® recommend taking the supplement for at least three months, but most users will see an improvement in the condition of their skin after just three weeks.