Skin Regeneration with Plant-Based Exosomes: Spotlight on EXOVAIR

Plant based exosomes mark a significant breakthrough in regenerative skin treatments. . Here at Aesthetiverse® we want to be at the cutting edge of skincare innovations and are excited to spotlight EXOVAIR; a pioneering product, available exclusively through our pharmacy partner, Kinetic Pharmacy.

EXOVAIR: Harnessing the Power of Plant-Based Exosomes

Exosomes, once considered mere cellular byproducts, have emerged as potent tools in regenerative medicine, particularly in skin care and rejuvenation. EXOVAIR leverages this technology, utilising high-purity exosomes derived from plants to deliver unmatched benefits in skin regeneration.

The Science Behind EXOVAIR

• Plant-Based Exosomes (CICA-Exo): These are the core of EXOVAIR's regenerative power, featuring 1.3 billion particles per ml. They facilitate intercellular communication, boosting skin's natural repair and rejuvenation processes.

• High-Purity HPDRN from Alaskan Wild Salmon: Sourced from the renowned and pristine waters of Alaska, this ingredient enhances skin elasticity and texture, contributing to overall skin health and vitality.

• Growth Factors and Peptides: EXOVAIR is enriched with growth factors and amino acid peptides, required in collagen synthesis and crucial for maintaining youthful and resilient skin.

• Atelocollagen for Enhanced Skin Penetration: This form of collagen is known for its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, ensuring that the active ingredients of EXOVAIR are effectively delivered to where they are most needed.

Packaging and Application

EXOVAIR's packaging is designed to preserve the potency of it’s ingredients:

• Lyophilised Powder: 100mg x 4ea

• Diluent: 6ml x 4ea

This ensures that each application is fresh and effective, delivering the best possible results for the clinic, doctor or aesthetics professional.

Why EXOVAIR Stands Out

• Innovative Approach: The use of plant-based exosomes in EXOVAIR puts it right at the forefront of regenerative skin treatments.

• Synergistic Formula: The combination of CICA-Exo, HPDRN, growth factors, peptides, and atelocollagen offers a holistic yet science backed approach to skin regeneration.

• Exclusive Availability: Through our Aesthetiverse® partnership with Kinetic Pharmacy, clients have unique access to this cutting-edge product and can arrange EXOVAIR training.

The introduction of plant-based exosome technology in advanced skincare, led by EXOVAIR, is a glimpse into the future of regenerative treatments. Aesthetiverse® is proud to be associated with such innovative products and partnerships, Kinetic Pharmacy, which allow us to bring the best of regenerative skin care to our platform.

While EXOVAIR represents a significant advancement in skin care, we recommend consulting with skincare professionals to understand its suitability for individual skin types and needs.