Ultra X portable aesthetics ultrasound scanner

By Christine Cullis

UltraX Portable ultrasound scanner is the most accurate and reliable way to visualise the superficial layers below the skin; for guiding a needle or cannula to the precise location to place or verify location of dermal filler or injectable. UltraX can be used on both face and body and is APPROVED BY SURGEONS

In the ever-evolving space of aesthetic treatments, injectables continue to hold the spotlight, with consumers showing a growing demand for consistently safe procedures. 2023 witnessed an increase in the popularity of injectables, confirming their position as the go-to choice of treatment for anti wrinkle, dermal filler, skin boosters and new treatments such as polynucleotides for individuals seeking non-invasive enhancements.

Lumisoft® Medical Ltd has spotted a huge opportunity to assist practitioners elevate their safety commitment with this innovative product – the UltraX: a portable aesthetic ultrasound scanner designed to enhance the clinician and customer experience during the treatment of both face and body with injectables.

UltraX Features:

Lumisoft® Medical's UltraX boasts a plethora of features that set it apart from traditional ultrasound devices. This handheld scanner introduces power imaging modes that redefine the capabilities of ultrasound technology. The integration of artificial intelligence enhances diagnostic accuracy, making UltraX a cutting-edge solution for practitioners.

Key features of UltraX include:

Dual Head Wireless Handheld Design: The wireless capability of UltraX provides unprecedented flexibility, allowing practitioners to navigate and operate the device with ease.

Built-in and Replaceable Battery: Ensuring uninterrupted usage, the built-in and replaceable battery feature caters to the demands of a dynamic clinical environment.

Advanced Digital Imaging Technology: UltraX's advanced imaging technology delivers crystal-clear images, rivaling the quality of traditional cart-based systems.

Color Doppler Functionality: The inclusion of Color Doppler extends diagnostic capabilities, providing a comprehensive understanding of tissue vascularity.

Cost-Effective and Portable: Weighing in on cost-effectiveness, portability, and ease of use, UltraX becomes a versatile tool applicable in hospitals, emergency settings, clinics, and even outdoor environments.

Eight Piezoelectric Elements: The eight piezoelectric elements contribute to precise beamforming, ensuring optimal imaging quality for aesthetic procedures.

UltraX Launch Event:

UltraX took centre stage back in November 2023, featuring the esteemed and illustrious Dr. Ducu on presenting on stage to the first group of early adopters and UltraX Brand Ambassadors from the UK, Ireland and Europe. The live demonstration, assisted by Dr. Bisma, emphasised the significance and importance of ultrasound in ensuring the safety and accuracy of injectable treatments. The event showcased UltraX's seamless integration into aesthetic practices, marking a defining moment in the aesthetics space.

Exclusive Offer from Aesthetiverse®

To celebrate the partnership with Aesthetiverse®, UltraX extends an exclusive offer to customers. By entering the code VERSE3 at checkout, customers can enjoy a substantial £300 discount on their UltraX purchase. This limited-time offer underscores UltraX's commitment to making advanced aesthetic technology to improve safety and help in resolving any complications, accessible to all practitioners.£300 discount on their UltraX purchase. This limited-time offer underscores UltraX's commitment to making advanced aesthetic technology to improve safety and help in resolving any complications, accessible to all practitioners.

Training and Integration:

UltraX goes beyond just delivering a product; it offers a comprehensive training program. Initial training occurs online, tailored to the professional level of the practitioner, with in-person follow-ups to ensure a seamless integration of UltraX into every clinic. The aim is to position UltraX as the leading aesthetics ultrasound scanner in 2024, setting new standards for safety and precision in injectable treatments.


As the demand injectables continues to rise, Lumisoft® Medical's UltraX offer the perfect solution for practitioners, clinics and training academies roll out this game-changer in the world of aesthetic technology.

With its advanced features, exclusive offers, and comprehensive training, UltraX paves the way for a future where every clinic is equipped with cutting-edge ultrasound solutions, ensuring a safer and more precise approach to aesthetic enhancements.